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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Vera Opens Up About Her relationship With Prezzo... And It Started From Way Back! (PHOTO)

Everyone starts from somewhere. Some start from the top others, most of us, the start line is right at the bottom. Some like Drake started at the top but want you to feel better about your situation. Vera Sidika started from the bottom. And for that, she will always have my respect! She started right at the bottom but used her head to get ahead.

When she started out, she was new in the city and came looking for a means to make and ends. She started as a video vixen back in the day and was destined to find work with el Prezidente. When she did, she was to make a very short cameo on a video and destined to go unnoticed. Until today that is.
And she is finally here to make us remember that she started from the bottom. If you can get nothing else from her story, how about hope? There is a way. She started off as a video vixen on the jam "Unataka Nini" and this was her:

Like Wally, try and spot her.
I bet you can't...

Anyway, that was the scene she was in:
Btw. This my gal video is my second video I've done with Prezzo
Known him for 5 years now. We been friends
He was among the few first ppl I met when I came to Nairobi. N we have always stayed friends just that we kept it on the low

And she was saying thank you to a man who she felt was a true friend to her when she had nothing to offer him. Prezzo reportedly saw the talent in the lass' assets and told her she would be a star. It was thanks to him that she got a part in this video. Still waters run deep it seems!

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