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Friday, May 2, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Another Hot Female Rapper Gets Married in Secret. You’ll Never Guess Which Celeb Put a Ring on it (PHOTOS)

EXCLUSIVE: Another Hot Female Rapper Gets Married in Secret. You’ll Never Guess Which Celeb Put a Ring on it (PHOTOS)

If a celebrity gets married and no paparazzi or reporters are around to photograph it, did it happen at all? We just proved that, yes, it did.
In showbiz, it's hard to keep your day-to-day life private, let alone a big event, but yet another celebrity couple has managed to pull off the ultimate trick: keeping their weddings secret. As it turns out, not every celebrity marriage requires giant ice sculptures, a star-studded guest list, and sleek cars causing a bad traffic jam in town.

Just this week, female rapper Petra and ace video producer Kevin Bosco Jnr tied the knot in a spur-of-the-moment AG’s chambers ceremony, keeping it their marriage refreshingly low-key and drama-free.
After we got wind of it, we reached out to Petra and she gladly confirmed saying;
“It was a civil marriage after the marriage we went out and had dinner and went clubbing kidogo with two of our buddies one of whom is my cousin and Alex better known as ‘big soul’.”
Big Soul is the producer behind “My City My Town” hit by Prezzo and Cannibal and on he was Bosco’s best man since they have been boys from back in the day and so it was only fair for him to witness the union of his pal.
The civil marriage will be followed by a grand wedding party slated for either 14th or 15th May which happens to be Petra’s birthday where the press and family and friends will be invited.
Petra adds that she wanted to keep her relationship with the video director as relationship as private as possible that’s why she was never revealing his name to the media.
‘We have gone through everything negative together but that was all washed away on the 30th of April, a day that I will forever remember.”
Here are exclusive photos from their marriage after party;

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