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Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Husband’s Manhood Is Too Large. Please Help! [Advice Needed]

s*xual compatibility is important for every loving relationship. It can be upsetting for both partners to not being able to enjoy being together to the full extent. A young woman tells about her problem and asks for your help.

I’m happily married for almost a year. My husband and I are both young and very much in love with each other.
He was my first ever boyfriend, and I was his second girlfriend. He also was my first man sexually, but I wasn’t his first experience. He never told me why he had broken up with his first girlfriend, despite my constant questions. He seemed to be embarrassed and only told me they called it quits soon after having s*x with each other. Now I seem to understand why.
Before marrying, we didn’t have s*x. I insisted, and he had no problem with it.
But it turns out, my husband has a very big manhood. I love him and I sincerely want to pleasure him, but every intercourse is so painful! So I try to avoid fulfilling my spousal duties, and that leads to conflicts. He apologizes every time for inflicting pain, but I’m dreading any new experience.
I don’t know what to. I’m too shy to talk it over with my Mom or sisters, or even the doctor. It may seem like a minor and even hilarious problem, but it’s not.


  1. This is where testing before marriage comes in LOL..you should have allowed him to check you out before getting married to him. Anyways my advice to you is to do it more often and it will surely fit in...goodluck😉

  2. Madam get bele first and born if ur problem will solve, by then ur veginal will open 4r husband 2come in without pain ok. Is just dat ur are not use 2sex b4 u marry just try talk 2him and have s*x wit him always and it will ur womanhood 2expound dat’s all.

  3. Hi madam..I suggest enof fore play n smooching to relax ursef n make sure u ar vry wet befor penetration,don't b rigid jst relax ur sef n enjoy ur lovemakin,I bet u,d pains wil dissapear.if u cannot achieve enof viginal wetness den apply a viginal lubricant b4 penetration...enjoy ur husband n marriage


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