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Friday, April 25, 2014

SONKO Vs SHEBESH Bedroom War now in City Hall

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is known for his don’t care and ready to die attitude but now it seems he has met his match. His ex lover and Nairobi Women Representative Rachael Shebesh and her new catch Mark Ndungu have now warned the Senator that they can extinguish him.

Ndungu who’s a nominated TNA Member of County Assembly in Nairobi is behind the threat after him and Shebesh got agitated that Sonko has met Peter Muciri Mwangi a physically challenged person who was removed from the TNA list of proposed nominees to the Nairobi County Assembly. Shebesh illegally engineered Mwangi’s removal from the political parties list submitted to the IEBC despite him being a representative of the physically challenged persons.
According to records in our possession Shebesh single handedly arm twisted the IEBC officials to nominate her secret lover Mark Ndungu at the expense of Mwangi. Ndungu who’s a green horn on leadership matters has now joined the long list of young men bonking Shebesh and the two are always hanging out together.
The two lovers have now warned Sonko with dire 
The two lovers have now warned Sonko with dire consequences if he continues to meet Mwangi who wants his stolen MCA seat back. Our mole inside City Hall managed to get a recording of the two lovers who were having late night drinks at a pub where they vowed to teach Sonko a lesson if he continues to meet the desperate Mwangi, whose dreams of representing the Walemavu were thwarted by the Queen of Slaps.
Here is a piece of the recording:

Shebesh continued meddling with City Hall politics has now gotten into the nerves of Nairobi MCA’s who have accused her of embarrassing President Uhuru Kenyatta by doctoring the list of Nominated TNA MCA’s where she included her secret lover Mark Ndungu, Marion Githinji Njeri – her sister, Victoria Alali Angani – her sister in Law and DorcasvMuthoni Njoroge – her Aunt.
The new revelations have angered Nairobi MCA’s who convened a press conference at City Classic Hotel where over 30 MCA’s condemned Shebesh and her hidden hand at City Hall.
One of the MCA’s openly said, “How can ODM be fair in their nomination of MCA’s by nominating Bishop Wiliam Abwaka who’s a physically challenged person yet TNA which is the ruling party gives the position to someone’s boyfriend.”
According to sources the 25 million Shillings given to Shebesh by Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero for the costly slap at City Hall, has all been shared between Shebesh and her lover Mark Ndungu. The nominated MCA pocketed home a cool 3 million shillings which is almost a similar amount given to her lawyer Cecil Miller.
This has angered other MCA’s who played part in reconciling Shebesh and Kidero only for Mark Ndungu to walk away with the millions leaving them empty handed.
It’s not known if President Uhuru Kenyatta will intervene and save the face of TNA at City Hall but am sure the President is reading JACKAL NEWS from State House. Our humble message to him is – please take action and stop Shebesh from killing TNA in Nairobi.

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