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Monday, April 21, 2014

SHOCKER: UHURU resorts to Prophet OWUOR to finish AL-SHABAAB andpromises to host him at State House

Monday April 21, 2014- President Uhuru Kenyatta has shocked Kenyans after he resorted to using the self proclaimed and controversial Prophet, Dr. David Owuor, to finish the Al-Shabaab menace in the country.

Speaking on Sunday at his crusade in Eldoret, Prophet Owuor revealed that President Kenyatta called him late at night and in the lengthy telephone conversation, the Head of State begged the man of God to help him end insecurity as well as corruption and tribalism in the country.

He said the President urged him to pray for economic growth and for the youths so that they can actively get engaged in nation building rather than join Mungiki and Al-Shabaab.

“The President called me and asked me to pray for Kenya at this meeting; he asked me to pray that the economy they are working on will grow robustly and absorb all the youth so that they may not join Al-Shabaab”, said Owuor.

“That is why I bring it to you that righteousness must thrive in order to clear out evil, corruption, immorality, homosexuality and terrorism in the mighty name of Jesus”, he added.

Uhuru also promised to host Prophet Owuor at State House to pray for the country when he returns from Qatar.

However, the President’s move to use Prophet Owuor to end problems facing the country has started to elicit varied reactions with some pastors questioning Uhuru’s motive.

Already, some Kenyans and pastors have branded Owuor as the Devil’s advocate and a Prophet of doom and that his miracles are fake and stage-managed.

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