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Monday, April 21, 2014

SHOCKER! Prophet DAVID OWOUR destroyed my daughter’s life ….. A Parentconfesses.

Monday, April 21, 2014- As Kenyans continue debating whether Prophet David Owour’s miracles and prophecies are true, here is a concerned parent who claims her daughter’s life was destroyed after she joined Prophet Owour’s church.

My daughter joined Moi University in 2010 and was a wonderful out going ambitious girl until the day she joined this strange church. All of a sudden my daughter changed for the worst. She was a smart girl who knew how to dress very decently and being in the hospitality industry, it demands that her dressing should be above board. In 2011 my daughter came for her attachment which she did at Palacina Hotel and that was a wonderful attachment. The hotel was so impressed with her performance. She was elegant and very outgoing. Infact at the end of the attachment she was given two complimentary slips for lunch to the parents. According to her, the hotel said if she had finished her university training they could have taken her in as an employee in the hotel. 

In that same year after her attachment, she went back to college around August and that is the time things turned for the worst. My daughter joined this Prophet church and changed like a chameleon. I could not believe this is my daughter. She no longer communicated with her family. Her sister eventually joined her in Eldoret but they could not stay together. She kept pestering her sister to join the church but the sister refused. 

Then she started calling her names and saying she is a sinner and therefore she could not even eat a sinner’s food. Their relationship became so bad until I eventually sought alternative accommodation for the sister. 

In 2011 December, she came back home for Christmas and I could not believe this was my daughter. She had changed totally. Her dress code had turned into some long baggy dresses. She stopped making her hair, and even putting on earrings and such like things. She became so withdrawn and I realized she had no friends. She could cook and sometimes not eat. I hear the prophet tells them to eat very little. So I realized when she came she had reduced a lot of weight. I thought this was just typical of college life and maybe she is studying a lot.

After a year from the other attachment, she went to her next attachment at BCD travel. This is the place I discovered that there is a problem. She couldn’t cope up with her new workplace because of her religious beliefs.  She is now jobless and still following Prophet Owour’s cult. No man even wants to get close to her because she looks like a 50 year old lady despite her young age.

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