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Thursday, March 6, 2014

RAPE And The Burden Of Proof.

There are real rape victims out there and this post is not to bring them down,however we must also realise that there are also people out there who are falsely being accused of rape everyday...that is the reason for this post.....please read and argue as you understand.
We always jump on the bandwagon to crucify alleged rapists but sometimes the story is different.........The burden of proof lies on both the rapist and the rapee. 

''When a woman (or man) claims to have been raped, what is the best course of action to uphold? Should the accused be taken under arrest and assumed guilty until proven otherwise in a court of law? Or should the victim provide sufficient enough evidence to warrant the arrest before action is taken? 

If we levy the burden on the victim, it will become harder for them to come forward or to even prove they had been raped (when they did). 

If we levy the burden on the accused to prove his/her innocence, it will criminalize them, and essentially assassinate their entire character - deforming their chances of fitting in with their peers or obtaining work because of one false accusation''.culled

*This goes to show if the rapee does not have enough proof the rapist walks free and if the rapist is innocent and cannot prove that the rapee is lying then he pays for the crime.

Innocent until proven guilty?
Guilty until proven innocent?

At what point does sex end and rape begin?When NO is said right?

What if sex between two consenting adults is called rape and used as a payback? A lot of woman now use the word rape to settle scores.I just watched a case where the woman was jailed after it was discovered that she lied about being raped to get back at someone she willingly had sex with.

Rape is wrong and a very serious offence which everyone frowns at but my question now is...at what point does sex between two adults constitute to rape when it is over.

*This post focuses on rape between adults and not children please.Anyone who rapes a child is a beast and should do the time.....if the burden of proof favours the prosecution.

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