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Saturday, May 3, 2014

7 Things We Wish Naija Girls Like...

When we envision the perfect girl, we start to wish that naija girls knew about the things we wish naija girls did. Sure, we should be happy with our girlfriends, but a guy can dream! Not everyone can be as romantic and charming as Paul Rudd! Here are some things we wish naija girls did more often:


This is one of the things we wish naija girls did more often. Some people think that saying “I love you” more often just makes it less special, but I think that letting your significant other know how you feel is a good thing. After all, it’s better to show your love than to hide it because you fear that you are overdoing it.


A promise ring is the perfect sign of commitment without having to propose. I think that if a guy feels that a girl is perfect for him and he wants to show her that, a promise ring is the way to go. This makes the girl feel special and eases her worries that the guy might not have strong feelings for her (and trust me, we have them!). Most naija girls won't take that from you if they do and wear it all time then you've found yourself a wife. Naija girls are always off for the hit period they don't want to put all their eggs in one basket, putting on that ring will not allow any other guys to approach them...so to most naija girls...promise ring is a no go area!


Surprise visit? Do you want to surprise your girl by paying her a visit when she does not know you're coming? Trust me you don't want to do that unless you're ready to loose her most naija girls always have their time schedule and you trying to alter that might be a big bomb to your relationship...but I think it shouldn't be this way your girl should be ready to receive you anytime 


Does your girlfriend ask you to be his guest or plus one to events, particularly ones with his family? This is another, more noncommittal, way for her to show you that she is serious about you. We can only wish that naija girls did this more often. It really shows that they are happy with us, want to show us off, and want us in their lives even more (by introducing us formally to their families).


I believe that regardless of how long you’ve been with your boyfriend, there should still be romantic date nights. I think that a lot of girls just don't Care anymore because they’ve got the guy. But it’s not true! We still like to dress up and get those butterflies on each date!


Having more bonding time is important in a relationship I feel like many naija girls feel like once they are with a guy, there’s no more bonding time needed. However, in order for a relationship to stay strong and go on, you need to learn about the other person and share things about yourself. Making memories together is one thing, but it’s equally important to have more of those ‘lying out under the stars and talking’ moments! Hmmm...


One thing naija girls will not take from you is you send her a bunch of flowers instead of sending her a brand new leather bag, Brazilian hair or sending her BIS ETC any thing out of this must be something bigger...only few niaja girls will take flowers from you without thinking in her mind, does he think I am a goat or what smh...

These are some of the things that I think that naija girls should do more. What do you think? Does your girlfriend like any of these things? What are some things you wish naija girls like?

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