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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wife Demands For Divorce Because Serial Lover Hubby Impregnated Teenager

Wife says Hubby impregnated Teenager

Hubbys say he used a condom to sleep with the teenager ....LMAO!

Mrs. Rebecca Bamidele of 23 Adekunle Street off Adeniyi Jones area in Ikeja, last Tuesday approached an Ikeja Customary Court, praying the court to dissolve her marriage of seven years with Akinwale Bamidele, on grounds of infidelity.
Rebecca told the court of how husband has been a pain in the neck for in the marriage, saying “All he knows is to sleep with everything in skirt. He is so shameless with his wayward behaviour that I am not free to invite any of my sisters to my matrimonial home for fear of rape.

I have spoken to him, prayed for him, fought him and did all sorts just so he can discard with the behaviour to no avail. It got to a state when a teenager, who lives about three streets away from our home, came with her mother about three months ago saying that my husband put her in a family way. The mother of the girl insisted that her daughter would not abort the pregnancy.

I was speechless and almost fainted. Obviousely, the girl must have told him before then but he was acting stubborn and indifferent, which was the reason her mother had to accompany her to see my husband.” 

She further disclosed that rather than become sober, Akinwale was denying when she confronted him about the pregnancy. “He instead, threatened to beat me up if I will not mind my business. Imagine that nonsense! It is not the first time I am hearing reports of sleeping with one girl or the other.

I cannot continue with this anymore and will want the court to dissolve the marriage so that I can live my life peacefully with my two children. I will also want the court to grant me custody of our two children,” Rebecca told the court. In his defence, Akinwale told the court that he was not responsible for the pregnancy.
While admitted to sleeping with the girl, he said he did so with condom. “I am not the one responsible for the girl’s pregnancy, because I used condom while sleeping with the girl...culled

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