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Monday, April 21, 2014

Could Anita Okoye be behind the Psquare breakup? see why.

So psquare are breaking we don't know the reason we don't know why but the one and only on going speculation is that peter's wife lola okoye is the fuel behind the flaming breakup.
why is this? first i am going to try to point out the fact that most people don't really like her and the fact that she is really older then her husband 'peter' seems to be the key factor and their marriage was not really approved by the family member...and to add to it Lola actually have this cruel look on her face even during their wedding i didn't really seem to see her smile so much she was having this strong
facial expression, we all know that when problem starts in a family or a relation the blame most of the time goes to the wife and the wife with the lowest favor gets it all and in the case of psquare the victim is Lola Okoye Peter's and this is due to all the speculations following her marriage to peter
  Lets go on to the point of this write up, okay on the other hand there is Anita Paul's wife seems to be flawless in this matter, but why is that why is nobody suspecting, or is it because she is the one with the smiley face? we all know the saying 'the green snake under the green' this kind of people are most dangerous, i am not saying she might behind the saga all i am saying is that no one is no one is innocent until the problem is solved so maybe we should also give a little attention to Anita also. all i am trying to say is that the pressure is too much on Lola after all she is not the only wife in the circle and more over this matter might have start with peter and jude having a fight at the family house over the issue of their PAs, according to an insider it was said that 'The supposed fight between Paul and Peter Okoye was actually started by their PAs. Jude's PA, Wande, had given money to Peter's PA to get his car registered.

But Peter's PA, Shege, instead of spending the money on what he was asked to use it for, allegedly spent it on something else. This is a guy that reportedly, when PSquare's mum was still alive had also 'eaten' the money given to him to purchase a car for Psquare's mum.So, Jude's PA was reportedly really angry when he found out his money was gone and the car wasn't registered.

So, he stormed Squareville to confront Peter's PA. Along the line, they got into a heated argument and a fight broke out between the two of them. Like real, serious, bloody fight. Things were so heated up that Peter allegedly came in, joined the fight and was about to hit Jude's PA with a pen when Paul reportedly jumped in, held his twin brother's hand to stop him.
In that rage, Peter allegedly swung his free hand and landed Paul a big blow that made him fall to the ground. I was told Paul didn't fight Peter back. Rather, their elder brother Tony allegedly pounced on Peter andstarted beating him. Anita, Paul Okoye's wife, witnessed this incident.

he also said that he was told Peter wants to be incharge of their funds or get more money allegedly due to pressure from his wife.

and i am sure we all remember  Psquare's mum telling her sons that she sees them splitting if Peter weds Lola cos she reportedly saw in a dream where Peter was pursuing Paul with a fork to kill him.

All this are just speculations until psquare comes out to tell to all the cause of their breakup the odds remains speculations speculation and non of them is clean. i just hope they settle this amicable. :)

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