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Friday, April 18, 2014

Awkward Ways I Have Met Girls -and Outcomes! [Real life stories.]

Real life stories.
Names changed to protect identities.
Limited description of locations to further protect identities.

My aunty visited Nigeria from the US after many years away. I was in school when she called me to meet her in abuja.
Some days later, I happily travelled to abuja. She had been around some days and had exhausted the money she had on her, so her husband sent her money.

We went to Western Union at FirstBank in Wuse, I got on the queue while she filled the WU form. Right in front of me was a girl. It didn't even cross my mind to try to chat her up, I just stood on the line waiting. After a while, like she wanted to go through what she filled again, she held out her form in front of her. I could see the form cos I was taller. Maybe out of curiosity or just reflex, I started memorizing the details on her form. At the time, she didn't come across as attractive so I didn't think I needed any info but to try see if I can remember anything. I ran my eyes through her name, phone number, etc. She was about 5"4, dark, in blue jeans and blouse. Nothing flashy about her.

My aunty returned, we finished and left. We went buying phones, running the errands she came for. Eating and drinking the whole day.

After my stay I left, back to school.

On getiing back to school, I laid on my bed that evening and funny I tried to remember the girl's details I spied on. And the only way to know if I was right was to dial the number. I did. And asked if I was speaking with Bimbo. "Yes" was the answer! I had gotten the number right! Confirmed I got a smart brain -
"who I am speaking with?"
Was the next thing I heard. I snapped out of the excitement.
"My name is stag" I replied.
"Sorry but I don't know you"
"Yes, we haven't met"
"So how did you get my number"
I went dumb. After a moment's silence, I stuttered
"Well, you may be surprised and may not like how I got ur number, but you remember at the WU section of First Bank wuse last monday? I am the guy that was behind you on the queue"
" Well, I can't remember talking with you so how did u get my number. I can't even remember see ur face nor any detail about u"
I just couldn't talk after hearing that, but somehow I managed to tell her I spied on her form. I apologized for my behaviour and told her I was just being naughty and testing my memory skills. For a moment I thought I heard a sigh of admiration! But in reality it was just silence hitting away at my ear. Somehow, I actually felt silly embarassed
Since I was getting rather uncomfortable with the call, I decided to end it. So I apologized and said bye.

The next day, I had this urge to talk to her again. Maybe to hear the calmness in the way she speaks or... Damn! No credit on my phone. I couldn't use an atm immediately cos the nearest was quite a distance. And the urge to hear her voice was increasing. So I went to a call kiosk! I was contemplating it cos I didn't want to come off as a broke dude or anything but this urge!! Argghh!!! I dialed her number and she picked.
"Good morning, Its stag"
"I know its you" I was shocked. But this is not my number I called with. How did she predict I was going to call her again? Was she also wanting to hear from me again? So I asked
"How did you know"
"Your voice, of course"
Dumb, silly me! I could have simply guessed that! Smart boy my foot angry
"I can't apologize enough having to spy on..."
"Stag forget that, it didn't offend me. You'll be one smart boy"
I was elated. That calm voice! Saying these to me was soothing like say they pour me cold water. She had said "stag forget that", could she mean 'stag forget that and let's move on to other things?'
But wait a minute. How did someone who didn't attract me one bit a week ago get me to this state of mind? Am I in love already? Hmmm...

Over the next couple of days we called each other, and we had gotten to know a bit of each other. She had a fiance though he was away in the UK. And they seemed to be having problems. She was in school too. And stays on campus.

Bimbo was a very natural person, I felt so comfortable with her. I didn't need to impress her with anything beyond who I am nor impress her with what I have. she call anytime, sent sms. Over the next one month, we got closer as friends.

Then one day, she called that she was going to Lagos on an errand for her mom, to receive stuff her brother sent. So I told her I will be in Lagos about same time. And asked what part of Lagos she'd be staying. She planned to stay with her uncle at awolowo road, ikoyi. Then she asked where I stay I told her I stay at Akowonjo. She chipped in
"It would have been nicer not to stay with my uncle, I don't like his wife" and further asked
"Is there something u can do?"
"Yes, maybe there is afterall" I remembered my uncle's flat 20minutes away from my place. He's never in town. Travels a lot. I sometimes stay there alone, so I know where I leave the key.

With available accommodation, she decided to travel to Lagos on friday. I got to Lagos on thursday. On friday she called in the morning, she was on her way. So I went to my uncle's place and cleaned up the dust and dirts. I waited till evening when she arrived. Seeing her again was mind-blowing. I couldn't believe the transition from not attractive to such state of mind seeing her once! When I met her at the bus-stop, I couldn't believe this beauty. She smiled when she saw me. I was dazed as her white set of teeth glittered.

Bimbo had a bit of similarity with genevieve nnaji. Their facial structure is similar, their complexion similar. Bimbo was cute. Not so tall. And yes! She had some flesh! Some real good flesh!!!
She didn't have a huge bum but her hips were soooo perfectly curved. She looked expensive. Not flashy, but wealth oozed. At the first hug, her mild fragrance was intimidating.

At my uncle's place, I ushered her in, she rested and then we decided to get something to eat. So we went to a restaurant. She ate very minimal food. We strolled and talked but she was all so in my head, I wondered if I was that much in her head.

Well, when we got back to the house I had perfected how to make an advancement for a kiss first, and more...
After she showered, I began to make moves. First, I pecked her neck she didn't bulge. It emboldened me and I started further. Then I heard
"Stag stop. I don't want anything to happen"
Yepa! As a correct [badtman] gentleman who is emotionally very stable I stopped. I preferred a woman made love to me of her own will, that way its a more steaming arousal she has.
I was in mood and started in motion and had to stop? Wow! Is this how fine tweetie birdie wouldn't allow sylvester an unforgettable memory? I began to cajole her and sweet-talk. Actually, my sweet-talks are not 'sweet' cos I don't know how to 'sweet-talk' a girl. I suck at cajoling and trying trick to lay a girl. It didn't yield the slightest desired result.

Soon we both dozed off. Lastime I looked at the wall clock was about 12:27am. Nepa must have done their usual cos I blinked out of sleep soon as the bulb came alive.

Then she rolled and adjusted sleeping position. Now I saw the BEAUTY of life!
At about 3:30am I rested on the pillow watching her sleep. This sight was beautiful. She was breathing softly. Such innocent look on her face was caressing my emotions. I just laid there watching her sleep like a baby. I was watching over her like a cute little rabbit gently snoring away.

A moment later she opened her eyes to see me looking at her. She must have guessed I had been like that for a while, or she saw a guardian angel in dreamland watching over her. I think this melted her heart. She sat up
"Stag why are u laying like that looking at me, aren't u supposed to be sleeping"
"I'd give my sleep to watch over you sleep like a baby" she stopped for a moment. Well, sometimes expressing something u want turns you into a poet I guess.
Those words must have been really beautiful to her cos the next thing she did shocked me...

She simply leaned forward and kissed me. She stopped and gently pulled away.
Then leaned forward again and we kissed so deeply, emotions unlocked and passion flowed. Before I could start touching her, she gently ran her finger through my face and cupped my chin with her hands.
She pulled to me as I held her closer. That kiss was passionate. So passionate her breathing changed. I ran my finger along her very fleshy waist under the t-shirt she wore up her tummy to her bosoms. Firm bosoms, average sized. Then I kissed her cheek, kissed her neck, down her neck and planted a very wet kiss on her bosom. At this point, her Tip was rock hard. As I kissed her Tips she let out a moan. I sucked at the Tips so tenderly, alternating the care and attention between the two bosoms. While doing this I realized she moaned more while my wet kisses did magic on her left bosom in particularly, that noted.

Her reaction told me the clear difference between forcing a girl into sex with you and when she willingly has reasons to leave herself to you, entirely loosened.

Her two hands went round my head in a hug. She kissed my head. I felt loved.
Now, this wasn't sex. This was lovemaking.

My hands went down her navel down below. My fingers found a neat land devoid of hair. And further then into a very puffy wet region. So wet, my fingers instantly became sticky. Her breathing became deep. Gentle she let her legs apart to allow the adventurer the hinterlands. The inner lips were so lubricated, my fingers did fine caressing the soft moans out of her. I looked up at her face to see her eyes closed. Her face expressing Intimate ecstasy. As my middle finger entered the place, she throw her head backward, her moaning was sweet & intense. Her moans had developed a sensual rythm that can make a man Erupt in 5seconds. But this was not just sex, it was a communication. A sort of language of bodies were speaking. A language I doubt our brains could understand nor process. Beyond my selfish average man's want, I saw a need a baby rabbit had, only matured capable stag could fulfill.

I doubled my finger, as my middle and index fingers glided in, she couldn't take it again. She was so wet, her juice were dripping down my hands. Her body was moving in a rythmic style with my fingers. Her moans became a bit louder. Well, it was 4 o'clock in the morning! Heaven was let loose on her body when I used my fingers to do a little old trick I had learnt a long time ago, it never failed. I did it to her. She moan aloud, wriggled, held me, but one thing- she had abandoned herself in my care. Like a trusting baby, she let herself to me.
And as a real man, I intended to take care of her kingdom lovingly.

Like she couldn't take the pre-intimacy anymore, in a manner that said she was fully ready to experience bliss, she gently ran her hand to my rod. And in caressing the tip, the earlier standing soldier became rock-stiff. I adjusted her to lay down flat on the bed. Then I took position. At the entrance of the kingdom, I used the cap of my rod to caress the libias thereby lubricating my rob in the process for a softer Intimate entrance.
IN I went, she let out a soft moan. She was so tight I would have thought it was her first time.

Gliding in into her was a beautiful experience, an experience that was accompanied by her moan and I saw a tear roll from her eyes sideways her face to her ear. Her hands cupped her bosoms. The moment I slid in I waited a second, then gently I started the in and out rythm. IN - OUT- IN - OUT -IN... She got in the rythm and our body was united as one as our body spoke a mother-tongue of genuine lovemaking. Her face mirrored the effect of our union.
For the second time same morning I saw the true beauty of Bimbo. In her natural beauty, under stroking from my rod, she shone with that innocent blissful look of a babychild. Her moans were softer now, more meaningful, more soulful. Her kingdom was blissful to me. Warm, fleshy, tight, wet with juice. Intimate. Sensual.

About 10minutes had gone, I was admiring her beauty under me while she was enjoying the ever caring nurture of my rod, I stopped leaned forward and planted a wet kiss on her forehead. As I planted it, her Kitty-Cat tightened. I continued. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and said she wanted to wee-wee! Lol!!

Of course, I knew what it meant but obviously she didn't. It wasn't a time to lecture. Then I stopped the in and out and did a circular motion with my dick inside her, she suddenly pushed me off and ran into the bathroom. After some seconds, she came back. This time I increased tempo, I began to Bleep her in a calm, firm manner. The strokes I was giving her were firm, definite and strong yet not aggressive. She was different this time around, she pulled bedsheet, bit her fingers, and held her own mouth from shouting. She wriggled from side to side under me. She started saying funny things. For a moment I thought she was going to faint but of course, I'm familiar with that phase during lovemaking.
I raised her hips and put a pillow between her bum and the bed so the pillow raised her bum and waist a bit. This gives a closer contact with the G-stpot.
I began a very thorough banging after about 3 minutes bleeping her this way. She went wild and ecstatic. Her juice was flowing freely like water. This time around the kingdom tightened so hard and then in an outburst her kingdom ejected my rod a splash of water burst out! I burst a nut.

Obviously, it was her first time having such a session. We both laid there as she wrapped her hands round me. We were covered in sweat. Her hair had scattered.
Time was 6am saturday morning.

Her mom called to know if she has started off from school to lagos. "I getting prepared. I'd leave anytime from now" I heard Bimbo say. she laid back on my chest.
"Stag I wish I could stay the weekend"

She left later in the morning after we had breakfast. She always looked at me intermittently without saying anything. That look of unspoken satisfaction. Maybe a look of unspoken 'thank you', or that look of 'your name fits you'

And another:
During a lovemaking session is another time to see a woman's real facial beauty. That is if she's actually elevated into the heaven by the session. That look on her face is another wonder of nature.

***Another encounter soon*** 


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