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Friday, March 7, 2014

Popular Nollywood Actress Set To Wed ...?

A popular Nollywood actress has been whispering to her close friends that she is getting married in two weeks to her supposedly once married but estranged dark skinned lover.

This is not a made up story..it is from the mouth of the actress to the ears of her friends who are also friends to friends of my friends and olofofos,ah it is complicated ......lol

She whispered this a few days ago so give or take,the wedding will hold before March 20,2014.

It is a coded gist and i am not supposed to reveal the name of the actress directly in case they change their plans to embarrass this story…lol

The actress recently granted an interview calling the lover just her friend when the truth is  obvious that they are both a couple but trying to downplay it because of all the press attention..

The beautiful actress and her lover are bound together not only by love but by business things.

She is not dark skinned and does not bleach and if you try to pronounce her name in English and you are a stammerer,you will get stuck….

tried yet?..now stop trying okay?

Leave the name and try to pronounce the English word of ego,kudi,owo……..remember that you are a stammerer ooh.

Lets wait and see if this wedding will take place or not…..i am waiting by the curb with flowers and chocolate to wish them happy married life...oh yes,every one deserves a new beginning.

Remember that you are not supposed to out rightly call names when decoding….have you learnt anything from this blog or not?...I no fit shout abeg.

Congratulations in advance to the nameless actress and her beau....I am so excited for them!
*Rolling my eyes*

Remember that this is a whisper until it becomes LOUD so whatever name you drop na you sabi,my hand no dey.

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