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Friday, March 14, 2014

Liz Gavy Births Baby Boy In Texas... After Denying That She Is Pregnant.

Liz Gavy has welcomed the patter of tiny feet in far away Texas!
The baby boy was birthed a forthnight ago and has been seen by a few people who live in the neighbourhood she is holed in.

In Febrauary 2014 when the news broke that Liz Gavy ( the CEO of Gavyz Couture, a fashion outfit with a chain of stores located at Ikoyi, VGC, and Surulere LAGOS) was pregnant,she came out to instantly deny it and put up a message on her social network handle to counter the alleged rumour...she event went all out to delete half of her BBM contact because of the leaked news.

Below is her munched message telling people to direct their congrats to the blogger who first carried her pregnancy news..she referred to 'Nigerians' who believed the story as stupid and gullible......wonder who is stupid now!

Our Waffy forefathers already postulated pregnancy as one of the things a woman cannot hide no matter how much she tries to...okay,if you hide the pregnancy what will you do with the baby? if you succeed in hiding the baby,will you also hide the baby's cries?

Liz Gavy congratulations on the birth of your baby and please do not deny ownership of that child you hear?
A child is a blessing from God,keep yours!

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