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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Girl Burns self to Death outside Police Station after her Attacker Bribes Police Officer and is Released (Photo)

An 18 year old Pakistani teenager has died from her injuries after she set herself on fire outside a police station when police released her alleged rapist.
DailyMail reports Aamna Bibi set herself alight outside the police station in Muzaffargarh district in Punjab province after her attacker managed to bribe himself free. She was rushed to hospital with 80 per cent burns to her body, but died the following day as a result of her injuries.

According to the police,  Aamna's brother filed a complaint with police in January, saying his sister had been abducted and the assailants tried to rape her. They investigated the claim but found no evidence to support it so they let the men go. However, local media reports that one of the alleged attackers were set free after he handed the police a large bribe. That the accused was declared innocent by investigating officer Zulfiqar Ahmed after handing over 70,000 rupees (£690). Aamna then went to the police station to protest, but decided to end her life in despair. Her fatal self-immolation took place outside a police station, yet none of the police officers at the station tried to stop the self-immolation, local media said.
Rape cases are rarely prosecuted in Pakistan. Women who complain are often stigmatized.

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